If you are looking for dental treatment to correct irregularities or damage to your teeth, you might have come across Bioclear. However, if you have never heard of it before, you could soon be convinced of its benefits. Eltham Dental is one of just a few practices to offer this revolutionary treatment that restores teeth to both their health and appearance.

What is Bioclear Treatment?

Bioclear offers a selection of dental treatments that are ideal for repairing teeth. Their progressive products and techniques offer alternatives to more traditional methods, such as veneers or orthodontics. Bioclear products can be used to repair teeth at the front and back when they have suffered damage. They are also useful for filling in gaps between teeth, especially after having orthodontic work. Bioclear treatments use an injection moulding method to fix teeth with a composite material. This gives a smooth finish to the teeth, which many people believe to be better quality than alternatives.

Benefits of Bioclear

There are a number of benefits to using Bioclear treatments to make repairs to your teeth for your health and image. It’s a quick method that’s easy to repair if it’s ever needed and can help you save money too.

Better pricing

One of the biggest positives for a lot of patients is that using Bioclear is cheaper than alternatives. If you’re considering veneers but they seem on the pricey side, opting for Bioclear could be the right choice for you. You can save money, and you’re likely to feel happier with the results too. The pricing is similar to traditional bonding, saving you plenty of money over veneers. Bioclear provides a cheaper alternative to orthodontics too, helping to fill in gaps in the tooth and improve undersized teeth.

Quick and efficient

Bioclear treatments are also much quicker and more efficient than alternatives. If you choose orthodontics or veneers, you could find that you have to go to several long sessions. With Bioclear, you often only need to have one session to get the work you desire. It’s also easy to repair the work at a later date.

Protects your teeth

Choosing Bioclear treatment over veneers is a good idea if you want to try and preserve your teeth. Getting veneers requires some work on the teeth to prepare the surface. Bioclear involves no drilling away of the tooth so you can preserve as much of it as possible.

Remove if you’re unhappy

One of the benefits of Bioclear over veneers is that you can remove the work later if you want to. You might be unsure about having the work done and getting veneers put in is a commitment. With veneers, you have to make changes to the tooth, so your veneers are permanent. Bioclear allows the tooth to remain untouched so the treatment can be removed.

Picture perfect results

Bioclear Matrix treatment can get you results just like in the photos, but without damaging your teeth. If you’re worried about what other options could do to your teeth, choose Bioclear to reduce the risk.