I am 14 years old and have been scared of the dentist since I first went. I needed mutiple fillings and always put off the idea because of my phobia. However with the help of Rakhi I have now faced my fear of the dentist and had the treatment done! Rakhi was calm, kind and explained everything throughout the process. I would deffinatlyrecomend her to any other nervous patients. Now I wish I had just got the treatment done earlier as it is NO WAY as bad as I thought it would be. Thank you!!!

Following a very bad dentist experience in my late teens resulting in ill-fitting dentures at the age of 19, which, time after time has always been the case since, I have continued to have an absolute terror of such places for 50+ years.
Now for the first time in all the intervening years I am, at last, the proud owner of teeth that fit comfortably and am walking on air.
Rakhi has proved to be the most amazing young woman, always calm and reassuring, giving the best advice, but above all treating you with great care and as a person. All decisions about the course of action for me were made jointly, without any pressure, giving me confidence to go ahead. I am very lucky to have found her.
I cannot give high enough praise and would definitely recommend anyone who feels as I DID contacts RakhiAmlani for the best possible treatment.

I’m yet another patient who has been traumatised by dental treatment in childhood. I researched dentists with a particular interest in dental phobia and was lucky to find Rakhi. I’ve just had a crown fitted and Rakhi recommended that I was sedated for the first appointment. As she promised, I can remember nothing between sitting down and standing up again and didn’t hear any of the drilling which is probably the most terrifying part for me. It’s an expensive option, but absolutely worth it.
I hope I won’t further treatment any time soon, but will definitely be much less anxious next time.

I had bad experiences with my dentist as a child and so had always dreaded going to the dentist. My teeth are also not the best so I inevitably end up needing treatment each time I go. I had put off going but then by chance found Rakhi. She is very calm and reassuring and her treatment room overlooks a lovely garden. She never once put any pressure on me and has helped me to completely overcome my phobia. Thank you so much.

I needed someone to reassure my daughter who had experienced considerable trauma in the past and Rakhi was absolutely the right person! The calm peaceful atmosphere together with time to explain procedures really made a difference and enabled her to cope with a filling and agree to return for root canal treatment. A procedure she would only have under anaesthetic before. Thank you so much.

I had a bad experience at the dentist as a teenager and many times have suffered pain at the dentist with treatment.

Consequently, I put off going for years until I knew I had a big problem with one of my teeth.

Despite my tears and fear, Rakhi was very patient and reassuring and never once made me feel rushed or stupid.

I wish that I had met her many years ago as she is without doubt, the most understanding and gentlest dentist I have met. 

Sometimes I read these kind of comments on other sites and think ‘You must have got one of your friends to write this??!’

However I can assure you I just rang for a local dentist and was lucky enough to find Rakhi. So I am writing this comment in the hope that it will help someone else.